How to Find the Right Movers

How to Find the Right Movers?

Calabasas is an alluring town in the Santa Monica Mountains, tucked away to the West end of the Hollywood Hills. The exquisite location of Calabasas makes it one of the most preferred towns for families seeking the beautiful weather and surroundings of Southern California without the high-paced hustle of Los Angeles taking away from the luxurious comfort.

There are plenty of moving services available to Calabasas, but locally based Calabasas movers are often the best option. Locally based moving companies know their area and the demands of their clientèle and take every measure to satisfy the concerns of every customer. Reputation is everything for moving companies, so a good local mover will do everything to satisfy the customers’ needs. Here are some helpful tips on finding the right moving company for your move:

Look at the Company’s Website A moving company’s website can provide insight into the level of professionalism with which the business operates, as well as the services the company offers. A few key points on what to look for in a moving company’s website include:

An address and phone number for a local office Referrals to reviews and accreditation from third party sources, including The Better Business Bureau and customer-based review sites such as

Photographs of the company’s moving trucks with the logo clearly labeled on the side If a moving company’s website is missing these aspects or seems otherwise suspicious, this should be a red flag. A local moving company’s website should reflect an established and well-respected moving company. Fly-by-night scam artists posing as trustworthy moving companies sometimes go so far as to set up a makeshift website, and these are some of the most apparent telling signs that the website is lacking a legitimate company to back it up.

Look Into the Company’s Online Presence A moving company’s website is just one way to get a glimpse into the company’s online presence. There are third-party mediators that can offer further insight into the company’s standings.

The Better Business Bureau is a nonprofit mediator between businesses and the public. Businesses that agree to adhere to the BBB set of policies and standards are subject to the BBB rating system, a common point of reference in the moving industry. The flip side of the BBB rating system is that the ratings are based on BBB policy, and discrepancies with businesses typically result in a poor rating.

For the most part, the BBB is an excellent measurement of a company’s standings, but this along with the company’s website and customer-based reviews all help in gathering a better picture of different moving companies’ standings.

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Customer-based review websites such as provide a public forum where reviews from the company’s clientèle can be found. This is another great way to gather insight and information pertaining to a business’ standards, but just like most everything else on the internet, it faces limitations and drawbacks. Some scam movers write falsified reviews themselves or pay third-party writers to do so. These can be pretty easy to spot once you know what to look for. When reading online reviews, lookout for a few of these indicators:

Overly, unnaturally positive reviews

Overt repetition of the company’s name or certain key phrases

Repetitive and generic/circular language

An unusually large amount of positive reviews

Positive reviews all posted within several minutes of each other

“Marketing talk” vs. “happy customer talk”

Reviews from fabricated social media profiles, or “bot” accounts

After you’ve informed yourself to the risks involved with yelp, the cheap tricks used by scam artists can suddenly seem very apparent. There are several other customer based review sites that work in a similar fashion where you can find more reviews, an example being

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Talk To A Customer Service Representative If the company’s website and online standings seem to represent a legitimately respectable moving company that meets your needs at the level of professionalism you demand, then go ahead and make a phone call. As you speak with a customer service representative, don’t be afraid to ask plenty of questions regarding the extent of the service you will be provided and everything being included in your price quote.

The more information your provide moving services regarding your move, the better they can tailor a quote that meets your every need. If your plans change after a contract has been agreed on then the price of your move can suffer. Insight, information and communication are the best ways to find the most reputable Calabasas moving company to provide you with the professional help you need.

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