3 Tips to Help You Find Interstate Piano Movers

3 Tips to Help You Find Interstate Piano Movers

Owning a piano can be the most enriching experience in a person’s life. Having a piano become damaged during a move, however, can leave you playing “Taps”. Moving a piano takes a certain amount of expertise and patience if it is to be done correctly. With so many small parts susceptible to damage, it is crucial that you hire the best movers possible to get it to your new home in immaculate condition. If you are moving out of state, these tips should help you find knowledgeable, prepared, and professional interstate piano movers.

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3 Tips to Help You Find Interstate Piano Movers

  1. Getting it in the Truck Since a piano can’t exactly be disassembled

    it is extremely important that it reaches the truck in a delicate manner. One way to get a piano out of a house without incident is to safely hoist it from living room to truck bed. This way, it can avoid scraping on the ground and losing a leg. If you prefer that your piano remain on the ground as it makes it way out of your house, find a company that has moving blankets so that they can avoid scratching or otherwise harming it.

  2. While it is on the Truck The most crucial aspect of piano safety

    while it is in transit is making sure that it doesn’t shift or slide. If a piano were to shift and bang into the side of a trailer, it could throw off its entire tuning, and that could end up costing you thousands of dollars in repairs. This can best be avoided by hiring a company that will take the time to securely wrap it, hindering its ability to move while on the road. Moving a piano is no easy task, and you want to be sure to hire a company that is ready to meet the demands that transporting such a large, fragile instrument requires.

  3. Storing Your Piano For some people

    A piano simply won’t fit into their new house. The best advice I can recommend if you don’t feel you can’t part from your beloved instrument is to put it into storage. Don’t use any storage unit, however. Using a run of the mill storage unit can leave it vulnerable to mold, rust, and even infestation. In order to keep your piano in the same condition as when you left it, look for a storage facility that has climate-controlled units.
    Having a piano in your house is one of the most fulfilling purchases you can make. Moving your piano to another state should not have to leave you playing the blues. Use these tips to find interstate piano movers that can keep you playing, singing, and dancing long after you’ve moved.

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